Dancer & choreographer

Foto: Frank Erler

Melanie Müller studied dance, choreography and dance teaching in Bielefeld and Berlin.

Her and her duet partner Arielle Chauvel-Lévy won the Audience Award at the Alleswastanzt Gipfel #3 in Cologne.

From 2013 to 2014, she obtained her JV2 - Jasmin Vardimon Professional Development Certificate.Afterwards she worked on several projects in Germany and the Netherlands.

Melanie traveled, danced and choreographed in India, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil.

Working with different cultures, people and ages, experiencing different styles of work and interdisciplinary approaches have been an essential part of her inner development, both personally and professionally.

Her aim as a dancer and choreographer is to work with multidisciplinary people on projects that combine different unique talents to create pieces that consists of new art forms.

Driven by the question 'When and Why do we start moving!?' she is currently researching on how movement and verbal language can complement each other.