Liebes Ich, ...


Choreographie & Tanz Melanie Müller

Text Florian Post

Klavier César Trujillo Moya

Kostüm Judith Reindl

In order to feel like you're truly "being free" it's a necessity to face yourself and your inner demons. This is the starting point of the solo. The performance contains a performer, a large fabric and a male voice from offstage. 

tl_files/melli/Flyer fuer Stuecke_1/Liebes Ich Video.jpg

Through the combination of images, movements and words, the performance is meant to show, that we are experiencing moments in which we have to face our own reflections. We are forced to deal with ourselves. 

Do we want to confront ourselves with certain things and people to help ourselves understand who we really are? Are we hoping to hold on to something or at least to ourselves or can we face the fact that living means being in the midst of constant change? What happened if we would consider our experience as a letter to ourself, which is delivered, read and understood?